Monday, January 18, 2016

Sock Delayed

Our spoiled little Princess
So there has been a bit of a delay in the sock knit-along, we adopted a puppy on Saturday. She is a rescue pup, 8 months old, and a mixed-breed German Shepard/Pit. She is on the thin side, and very skittish, so we are assuming her previous owners were not very kind to her.

Start of the doggy sweater.
The first time we took her out in the snow she was not very happy, and refused to do her business, for that matter she didn't even want to leave the covered porch. So, what is the first thing I decide to do for her, knit her a sweater of course. I found this pattern on Ravelry called Hunter's Urban Dog Sweater by Lisa M. Barnes but I plan to make a few changes to it along the way. I am hoping to get it done as soon as possible so she will not be so cold when the snow is coming down. I am using Lion Wool, and plan to felt it when it is complete so that it offers a nice amount of warmth as well as water resistance.

Temperature Scarf
I have also managed to keep up with the Temperature Scarf project, and I am now at 5% complete. :) Not the best picture sadly, the overcast skies have made it a bit dark in here. The weather has been crazy, as you can see by the color variances.

As far as the socks, I have finished heel one, and about to do the turning of the heel, then I will get to the second one, but not until Princesses sweater is complete.

Happy knitting, and stay warm!

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