Saturday, January 09, 2016

Craftsy 2016 Sock Knit-Along - Day 4

So I did not get as much done on my socks as I hoped because I needed to finish up the Tokyo Pocket Poncho for my daughter. This was a long-term project, and I am so glad to see it done. Well okay, it will be completely done when the buttons arrive but the hardest part is complete as you can see. She absolutely loves the warmth and softness of it.

So now onto the sock. I have been working the cuff of the sock which is an alternating two rows of knit with a single row of the DW2 pattern. Let me tell you, the DW2 pattern is tedious and takes forever but the outcome is just too cool. I'm hoping to get this part done on the first sock, and start working on the second sock by the end of the day. Will see.

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