Friday, September 29, 2006

Last post before the weekend

Okay, so here's the results of lesson 2
Image hosted by
I don't know if I will be able to make it until Monday to be able to work on it some more. :-(

I don't think I ever mentioned that I have an online store but I am slowly building it up. I hope to make a little extra money since we are a family of 5 living on a single income. Until my 2 youngest can go to school it would be cheaper for me to stay home with them.


The last day of the week, and the last day I will check in until next week. (I take weekends off.)

Didn't get to the scroll yesterday unfortunately but I did get 2 sets of body parts sewn and turned. Today I add the wires and stuff. Will share what they look like stuffed when I am done.

Well, have some cleaning to do so I will check in later.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Afternoon check-in

I've finished lesson 1 for my class and here's a pic of the bits. They are so very tiny.
Image hosted by
Tomorrow I do the wire and stuff them. How exciting. :D

Class Starts Today!

So yesterday I nearly finished sketching the scroll. Today I will finish it and do the outlines. Then I can start painting it tomorrow. I also baked the bread, filled the decal and even finished racking my mead.

My class starts today!!! I have the lesson and patterns printed up and am ready to go! Today when I put the kids for nap I will start on my first lesson. This is so very exciting!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hump Day

Goals for today:
* Finish drawing scroll.
* Fill Mom's cat decal.
* Make apple cinnamon granola bread.

Right now I am drinking some Blueberry coffee and trying to get warm since ot's only 68F in here, and 55F outside. Brrrrrrr Perhaps this is a good time to start that bread!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This blog thing really keeps me on track.

I did work on my scroll a little today and I finished the outline for the black cat. I also made some leaves for my faeries out of some really neat green organza and some green floral wire my Mom dropped off.

It's been too cold to do anything outside unfortunately so I have been neglecting the gardens. :(

Well, better go start dinner. Doing chili in the crock pot and it needs a couple hours to simmer.

Good afternoon (almost)

Mom came over to visit so I didn't do much this morning. Yesterday I got the side border done on the scroll, it took me a while to figure out how to do the celtic pattern I wanted. Today I will get more done on it. I also need to do the outline for the large black cat decal my Mom requested.

My class starts in a couple of days... Can't wait!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Good afternoon

I finished off the lemon-lime cordials this afternoon. Worked on the scroll a little more and decided on my themes for the first 2 faeries I will be making for my class that starts Thursday.

Here's a pic of the supplies I gathered for them, I marked what goes to which faerie to make it easier.

Image hosted by

As always, be creative.

Back to work

Saturday we had a medieval wedding we went to so I didn't get too much done. There was archery so I did get to shoot and they even remembered the lefty loaner bow so I got to play with that.

Sunday was a trip to JoAnns, Michaels and then grocery shopping. After coming home and starting laundry I went to my Threadworker's meeting and learned to knit. Not sure if it is my thing though. Then I cane home and made dinner and finished laundry.

Today has been a fairly lazy morning so far. I started the mead filtering and also filtered (3 times) the banana cordial and added the sugar syrup.

In about an hour the kids will go up for nap and I will continue to work on my scroll, until then I might try knitting a little more. Don't know if I like it yet.

Until later, be creative!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Finally planted

I finally planted the little cuttings and spider babies I started about a month ago and it's resting happily in my garden window until I crochet a hanging holder for it. Another thing to add to the to-do list.

* Work on scroll (cut out the piece of hot pressed water color paper already)
* Work on towel topper
*crochet holder for new plant

Here's a pic of the plant...

Image hosted by
by Pixie

Until later, be creative!

Good Morning

Good chilly morning.

Well, the peach cordials are aging but boy do they have a delishly strong peach flavor. Did the finger dip taste test.

Yesterday I received a scroll assignment so it looks like that's my main priority since I need to get it done by October 1st. Of course I am going with something celtic-style with knotwork and such.

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow so it looks like some of my projects are going to need to be put on hold.

That's about it for now, remember to be creative!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Afternoon check-in

Peaches are filtering (this tends to be a long process to get a nice clear end product. Drew up a couple spider web decals as well and Started the crochet project. Looks like I am actually going to get everything done I planned to do today, perhaps I didn't plan to do enough. LOL

Have you visited my friend's blog yet? This lady is amazing! Go see what she's up to. :)

As always, be creative!

Brrr cold morning

49 degrees out, 69 in here. Doesn't make good weather to get me going creatively. Makes me want to curl up under some blankets and get warm.

So far this morning I have started rendering an image for a friend and will do the touch-ups and get it to her as soon as it is done. I also filled the Doves decal and cleaned up the kitchen a little.

I didn't get to my crochet yesterday so definitely today and perhaps draw up some more halloween decals. I also need to strain my peach cordial and add the sugar syrup to it.

Until later, be creative!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Got some work done

I was able to finish filling the 2 large deer decals and draw up the other doves and heart one for an order.

I also got several Halloween and Fall decals up on my Etsy shop for sale finally. I also have some Christmas ones but it's a bit early to go putting them up LOL.

The bread came out AWESOME. :)

Well, that's it for today. Have a great day and be creative!

Overcast and Blah Day

So far today I have not done all that much creatively (had to wash my son's bedding as he had a diaper malfunction during the night.) I started a loaf of Banana wheat bread that is currently rising and a half pint batch of Hot Toddy.

Will be starting lunch then putting the kids for nap and hopefully get time to work on some decals and start another dress towel topper.

Until later, be creative!


Well Michelle you gave me some incentive so here we go...

I guess I should start with what I do now and what I plan to learn.

Doing Now
* I am brewing my very first batch of mead and have several types of cordials brewing. You can see my journal as well as recipes here.
* I have started up an Etsy shop where I can sell my handmade things.
* I crochet lots of stuff as well as make window decals. I am into soap making, painting, sewing and many other creative hobbies.
* When I have the time I work on scroll illuminations for our local chapter of the SCA as well.
* I create a lot of digital artwork many of which can be seen on my website and my Deviant Art page.
* I started to do archery as well, not necessarily creative but ties in to something I plan to learn below.

Plan to Learn So here's where I post what I want to learn and hopefully by doing this I will give myself the incentive to actually do it.
* Starting September 27th I will be taking a class at Crow Mountain Doll House online on Flower Faerie making. I have made some of her larger faeries and a mermaid but these dolls are just so cute.
* I want to learn how to make stained glass items as well. I added many of the supplies I would need to my wishlist for Christmas so here's hoping.
* I want to learn to make my own armor so that I can start doing combat archery.

So, I guess my plan is to post what I accomplish each day (if anything) and hopefully do all that I want to do.

Thanks for listening to my babbles.