Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Well Michelle you gave me some incentive so here we go...

I guess I should start with what I do now and what I plan to learn.

Doing Now
* I am brewing my very first batch of mead and have several types of cordials brewing. You can see my journal as well as recipes here.
* I have started up an Etsy shop where I can sell my handmade things.
* I crochet lots of stuff as well as make window decals. I am into soap making, painting, sewing and many other creative hobbies.
* When I have the time I work on scroll illuminations for our local chapter of the SCA as well.
* I create a lot of digital artwork many of which can be seen on my website and my Deviant Art page.
* I started to do archery as well, not necessarily creative but ties in to something I plan to learn below.

Plan to Learn So here's where I post what I want to learn and hopefully by doing this I will give myself the incentive to actually do it.
* Starting September 27th I will be taking a class at Crow Mountain Doll House online on Flower Faerie making. I have made some of her larger faeries and a mermaid but these dolls are just so cute.
* I want to learn how to make stained glass items as well. I added many of the supplies I would need to my wishlist for Christmas so here's hoping.
* I want to learn to make my own armor so that I can start doing combat archery.

So, I guess my plan is to post what I accomplish each day (if anything) and hopefully do all that I want to do.

Thanks for listening to my babbles.

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Michelle said...

Combat archery? Sounds dangerous. I'd like to learn archery, but with the "regular" kind. I don't know the correct terms or names. But everyone I know how uses a bow has those fancy modern ones with the sites and stuff.

Good luck with all the things you want to learn.