Monday, September 25, 2006

Back to work

Saturday we had a medieval wedding we went to so I didn't get too much done. There was archery so I did get to shoot and they even remembered the lefty loaner bow so I got to play with that.

Sunday was a trip to JoAnns, Michaels and then grocery shopping. After coming home and starting laundry I went to my Threadworker's meeting and learned to knit. Not sure if it is my thing though. Then I cane home and made dinner and finished laundry.

Today has been a fairly lazy morning so far. I started the mead filtering and also filtered (3 times) the banana cordial and added the sugar syrup.

In about an hour the kids will go up for nap and I will continue to work on my scroll, until then I might try knitting a little more. Don't know if I like it yet.

Until later, be creative!

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Michelle said...

You're lucky if you have a Michael's nearby. Or maybe not, considering I can't go there without spending a lot, lol.

Good luck with the knitting. I didn't get very far with mine. It seems to take so long and I find I have an extra stitch once in a while.