Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Craftsy 2016 Sock Knit-Along - Post 20

Garter Short Row Heel in Progress
I have been working on the second pair of socks from the knit-along, the Serpentine Socks by Lucy Neatby (Edgewood Garden Studio Silk / BFL Blend Sport Weight Handspun in the color Seafoam) and I am nearly done with the first heel. I have to say, I absolutely love this heel design! The garter short row heel is by far the easiest one I have made, and it has the nicest look to it.

When I started the heel I was worried about how it was going to look. After completing over half of it, my mind is eased.
Sock Progress
The first sock has the foot complete and awaits a heel, and the second sock nearly has a complete heel,although in the pic to the left I had just started the heel. 

The pattern is definitely not for a beginner if it were not for the video tutorials I most likely would have failed miserably but thankfully they come with the free class and make it so much easier.

Once you get the pattern, it goes fairly smooth and you are given different options for doing the cabled stitches. At first, I used another needle, but then I got the hang of the drop/slip method and ended up sticking with that one as it goes faster.

Shawl Progress
The other project I am currently working on is a Light and Up Shawl by Caroline Wiens (Malbrigo Sock Yarn in Abril). It is a really simple pattern so far and I am loving how the colors are working up. I just got to the point where I start adding the lace, can't wait to finish it off! I plan to leave off the tassels, though, I don't care for tassels.

Finally, here is my project list for the year, let's see how many of them I can get through:

In Progress
February Mood Scarf
Temperature Scarf
Craftsy 2016 Sock Knit-Along; Serpentine Toe-Up Sock
Light and Up Shawl 

In Queue
Kayla's Socks
Druidess Beret
Craftsy 2016 Sock Knit-along - Windowpane Socks
Zombie Socks
Unintentionally Infinity Shawl/Scarf
Red Toe-Up Socks
Blue Toe-Up Socks
Lady Jessica Steampunk Cowl
Celtic Triad Socks
Through the Woods Hood in Blue
Baby Tree of Life Throw
Portulaca Cardigan

Claudja Head Scarf
The Vermonter Hat (for me) 

Craftsy 2016 Sock Knit-Along; Smocked Guernsey Socks
Splendid Shawl 
Leg Warmers for Princess 
Hunter's Urban Dog Sweater
Tokyo Pocket Poncho

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