Friday, March 09, 2012

Creative Home Arts Club - Craft Kit - Comfy Knit Slippers **TEST KIT**

I was chosen to receive a test product for the Creative Home Arts Club (being a life member has it's privilages.) It arrived in the mail today and it is a Craft Kit for Comfy Knit Slippers and comes with everything needed (including yarn) to make them. (See pic below of everything that came in the big ziplock style baggie.)

I will start with the positives of my initial looking over if the kit and then move to the negatives. First positive, the kit comes with a large skein of yarn in a color I will actually wear.
Second positive is it came with bamboo needles. I've not tried the bamboo needles yet but I use wood crochet hooks because they feel better than metal in my hands so it will be nice to try the bamboo needles.
Third positive is the kit came with absolutely everything (minus scissors) one would need for the project including a measuring tape and instructions for the stitches to be used.
First complaint about the kit is the yarn was unmarked and there was no note as to type of yarn or care. It appears to be similar to Red Heart Super Saver but I am not certain. {NOTE The label on the yarn was turned inside out and thus I do actually have yarn information but I didn't find this out until I took the paper off the skien to use it.}
Second complaint is the instructions did not explain the sizes, just stated S, M, L. Based on the gauge and number of stitches I am assuming I will be a medium but will not know for certain until I complete them.
Stay tuned for updates on the project as I document the progress of this test kit.

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