Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fairy bodice is complete

Front with Straps

Back with Straps

Front without Straps

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barry alaster said...

Hey Pixie,

I came across your blog in the most unusual way. I'm an aspiring writer and was researching "dim lights" for a scene, and your blog surfaced! turns out those keywords picked up from one of your photo comments. go figure.

So i'd like to pass along a compliment. while i can't wear your creations (as a guy), i can appreciate your across the board creativity which is something i have been striving for do for years. i'm not a maker of things, but i am a fictional writer who spends 50 hrs a week working at my day job and most of the other raising my son and what's left, writing. my novel is 81,000 words and has been accepted by 2 different literary agencies over the past 3 years, and rejected by the same with positive feedback and good recommendations on making it commercially viable. i bet i've written 300,000 words in total but i'm determined and feel its a body of work that would be enjoyable for many. so i'm close to resubmitting to the agency world again so fingers crossed the 3rd time is a charm.

Back to the compliment...i admire someone who can be creative all the time in their work. it's something i strive for, it's a connection that i truly want and i see it's one you've accomplished.

so from one stranger to another, well done! you're work is an inspiration.