Friday, June 15, 2012

Micro Suede Skirt

So, I bought this absolutely gorgeous soft purple micro suede to make a skirt with. The pattern was going to be simple. 3 Rectangles (length x 1/3 hips + seam allowance), 2 triangles (made from other piece of fabric so slightly shorter than the rectangles) and a waist band.

I made the first cut, separating the length of the rectangles from the other piece which was about 2/3 and set both pieces aside after cutting off the waist band and then the phone rang. When I came back I sat down and thought I had set the part to be cut into triangles to my left, so I grabbed that piece and cut the triangles...  Nope, that was supposed to be the rectangles. So now the pieces that were supposed to make up my waistline are cut wrong and the other piece isn't going to work right...  So, I do what I always do and fixed it as artistically as I can. Once I had the entire thing together I measured from the band to the end of each 'corner' around the bottom to get an even length, cut and hemmed.

After hemming it and trying it on I realized it was a good 5 inches too short so I went back to JoAnn's and bought another half yard of the fabric (thank goodness for 50% off sales!) I used the entire cut for a ruffle along the bottom and honestly I think it makes the skirt pop. I really wish I could get better pictures, but here it is:

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