Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Painted Cross Stitch Fabric

I painted some cross stitch fabric today for a project I will be working on in between the stitchalong pieces.  It was one that was given to me in March and I never got around to doing it.  LOL  Here's the fabbie, click to see larger:

The project came with some fabric, but I messed up and have to start it over so I thought I would make some fabbie to go with the awesome design.


Rebekah said...

Very pretty! My attempt at dyeing fabric didn't turn out so well.

Pixie said...

I used apple paints, wet the fabric and laid it flat in my tub. I squirted the paints onto the fabric and rubbed them around to give it the mottled effect, then I crumbled it up and gave it a really good squeeze to get all the water out. I lined a baking sheet with some aluminum foil and paper towels and set the fabric flat on it to dry. I didn't wash it because I was afraid of losing the colors, but I tested it to see if the color would bleed by running white thread through it. No problems, so I started stitching. :)